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Dar Scott provides computer programming services. For many customers he creates applications, stack libraries, custom controls and externals using LiveCode from Runtime Revolution.

LiveCode Communications Programming

Dar Scott's background is optimal for LiveCode programming involving sockets (TCP/IP) programming, serial (RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, modem, Bluetooth, USB gadgets) programming, and general network, control and laboratory programming.

LiveCode Externals Programming

Dar Scott's OS knowledge and C programming background makes him a good choice in LiveCode externals programming. External projects include areas such as communications, help, authorization, barcode scanning, preference file access and security. His externals programming experience is in a variety of languages on Windows, OS X and iOS.

Selected LiveCode and Revolution Projects

Video Switching Validation. Over one weekend, Dar Scott created a validation application that demonstrated that the video switching component in Modular Integrated Technology's PECOS product met timing specifications. This required TCP/IP communications and video timing.

Physical Security Simulation Environment. Dar Scott created a control system that simulated the environment for a state-of-the-art physical security system from Infographics Systems. The system simulated a variety of fault conditions as well as typical real-world conditions. It is controlled locally and remotely. The control portion involved relay control, programmable resistance control and programmable power supply control.

Cryptography. Dar Scott has created cryptography modules in LiveCode to support projects.

Email Filtering. Dar Scott has created Revolution modules to support services such as email.

Serial and Sockets Tools. Dar Scott has created tools to aid in the analysis, diagnostics and testing of serial, TCP and UDP protocols on multiple platforms. Some of these were used to communicate with embedded computer projects. For several customers Dar Scott has created libraries and externals to communicate with a variety of equipment including custom microcontroller-based gadgets designed by Dar Scott.

Externals to communicatee with USB devices. Dar Scott has created libraries and externals to communicate with USB devices (both general and serial) connected to Windows and OS X systems.

Old Revolution Modules

Dar Scott has some Revolution modules (stacks) available on the Revolution download page.

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